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What is the HomEvap?

Excellent humidifier


Do you find comfort in your home important? That warm, cozy, safe feeling of home? That comfort you can realize in multiple ways. For example, a beautiful interior that comfortable couch, a wooden floor. But do you know that a good indoor climate contributes to comfort?

Do you suffer from itchy eyes, a sore nose or throat, dry skin, or static shock? If you notice that you suffer more from asthma? Then the air in your home is probably too dry.

Dry air in your home not only gives health problems, but also shrinking and creaky floors. Or damage (cracks / shrinkage) to your art and antiques.

Dry air is a problem in many families. In particular, residents of homes with a heat recovery system (HRV), or other ventilation equipment , often experiencing this problem.

The solution is: increase the humidity in the house.

Especially for this purpose we developed the HomEvap. The energy-efficient HomEvap allows an increase of the humidity in your home, reducing the symptoms and increase your sense of comfort.

The HomEvap has, with its adiabatic principle, an extra advantage; it cools the air to the house in the hot summer and it enhances the effects of night cooling. This is especially in apartments for the elderly and the sick very pleasant.


The HomEvap:

  • reduces health problems;
  • increases the feeling of comfort;
  • has a cooling effect in summer;
  • protects your precious wooden floors, antiques and art;
  • reduces dust;
  • is not visible.