Update security alert

Update security alert

Deze melding is alleen van toepassing op HomEvap Bevochtigers van vóór 2021.

As stated in the December 2020 security alert, we inform you about the next steps to adjust the HomEvap Humidifier.
It concerns the following two points:
1. When used improperly (if the HomEvap has not been disconnected from the power supply), the person may receive an electric shock when touching the pre-heater when changing the cassette.
2. If the HomEvap has not been disconnected from the power supply, the person may come into contact with 230v when forcing the lid at the bottom.

The HomEvap is safe under normal use.
The safety risk can arise if the cassette is incorrectly replaced. Therefore, the following components are included with the replacement cartridge if it needs to be replaced:
1. A metal grill that is very easily mounted to the holders on the inside of the heater housing with the supplied plastic knobs.
2. Two plugs to be pressed into two openings on the side of the lid.
3. A cable clamp that is mounted on the suspension bracket.
4. A supplied sticker to be stuck on the top of the housing.

If you still want to make the adjustment before replacing the cassette, you can report and the kit will be sent to you.
The installation instruction will be included as a manual with the replacement cassette.
Once again apologies for the inconvenience