Adiabatic cooling
Everything about the most sustainable, natural form of cooling

What is evaporative cooling?

Adiabatic cooling is a process based on the evaporation of moisture. As a result, energy is extracted from the air and the temperature drops. HomEvap uses this process to cool indirectly in a very energy-efficient and sustainable way. As a result, the humidity in the room is not increased in the summer.

HomEvap . evaporative coolers

  • They are easy to install on the HRV or to build in as a standalone.
  • Work automatically.
  • Convert the heat exchanger into a cold exchanger.
  • Are quiet.
  • Can be controlled in several ways.
  • Can be combined with a HomEvap Humidifier, the Combi Comfort, for an optimal indoor climate all year round.

What solutions does HomeEvap have?

HomEvap has two solutions that can be directly connected to the WTW:

If no HRV is available or if it has a capacity that is too low for a pleasant climate:

  • HomeEvap Direct
    This is a standalone unit with its own fan. The HomEvap Direct can be installed anywhere.

Because indirect evaporative cooling is a natural process, additional (adiabatic) cooling may be necessary for certain areas in your home.

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