What is evaporative cooling?

Adiabatic cooling is a process based on the evaporation of moisture. As a result, energy is extracted from the air and the temperature drops. HomEvap uses this process to cool indirectly in a very energy-efficient and sustainable way. As a result, the humidity in the room is not increased in the summer.

HomEvap . evaporative coolers

  • They are easy to install on the HRV or to build in as a standalone.
  • Work automatically.
  • Convert the heat exchanger into a cold exchanger.
  • Are quiet.
  • Can be controlled in several ways.
  • Kunnen gecombineerd worden met een HomEvap Bevochtiger, de All Season (voormalig Combi Comfort), voor een optimaal binnenklimaat het hele jaar door.

What solutions does HomeEvap have?

HomEvap has two solutions that can be directly connected to the WTW:

If no HRV is available or if it has a capacity that is too low for a pleasant climate:

  • HomEvap Standalone, (voormalige Direct)
    Dit is een standalone unit met een eigen ventilator. De HomEvap Standalone kan overal ingebouwd worden.

Because indirect evaporative cooling is a natural process, additional (adiabatic) cooling may be necessary for certain areas in your home.