The most common areas of application

The areas of application for HomEvap's products are very broad. Actually we can say that it can be applied everywhere. This is possible because the units are applied directly to the HRV or the standalone version that is built in.
If there is a problem within an office locally and you do not want to adjust the entire air handling unit, the compact humidifiers from Homevap can solve the problem easily and cheaply!

Residential houses, timber frame construction, passive construction
A minimum of 40% relative humidity is a must for a comfortable and healthy living climate!
Apartment complexes
Quality without downtime and failure due to correct humidity
Humidity is essential for a healthy and comfortable working climate in offices
Childcare, schools
Energy-efficient and safe through adiabatic cooling and humidification.
Small-scale residential care locations
Protect the health of those who need it most!