Protect the vulnerable elderly thanks to the right humidity. This one is preferably between the 40-60%rV.

Healthy indoor climate

In 40% of the care locations, the air is too dry. The reasons for this are the heating (which is often high) and insufficient ventilation (in view of the number of residents). This leads to an unhealthy indoor climate. Older residents are therefore more prone to diseases.

Comfortable, healthy and energy efficient
A comfortable and healthy indoor climate requires a relative humidity of above 35%. The HomeEvap humidifier is safe due to the built-in legionella filter and works fully automatically.

Since most care locations have flat roofs, it quickly becomes too hot in the summer. Energy efficient cooling with the HomEvap is a safe and sustainable way to get the indoor climate comfortable and healthy.

Pleasant indoor climate

Dry air can cause headaches, dry itchy skin, a sore, dry throat and sore, tired eyes. In addition, the transmission of airborne viruses, such as flu, is higher in areas where the air is dry (<40%rV).

An air treatment that also provides the humidity between 40 – 60%rV, is therefore an important contribution to a pleasant and healthy visiting climate. This will make residents and employees feel more comfortable inside and less likely to get sick.

Eliminates static build-up

When caring for frail elderly people, a sense of safety and security is very important. The elderly are frequently touched during care. It is therefore unpleasant if the resident is inconvenienced by static electricity. A good humidity between 40% and 60% prevents this problem.