Residential houses, timber frame construction and passive houses
A minimum of 40% relative humidity is recommended for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate!

Heeft u in uw woning last van prikkende ogen, pijnlijke neus of keel, droge huid en statische schokken? Of misschien wel meer last van astma? Dan is de lucht in uw woning waarschijnlijk te droog. Een te droge lucht in uw woning levert niet alleen gezondheidsklachten op, maar ook krimpende en krakende vloeren. 

Healthy and comfortable indoor climate

Dry air can cause headaches, skin problems, increased susceptibility to colds, a sore, dry throat and sore eyes. The eyes are sensitive to low humidity when the thin film of moisture on the cornea evaporates. Contact lens wearers experience discomfort by a factor of 5 when the relative humidity drops below 40%rV. Dust and dirt stick to the moister lenses, causing a higher irritation. 


Innovative and invisible

Do you have a home with a heat recovery system (WTW)? Then the HomeEvap Humidifier, cooler or All Season applies to you. These models are directly connected to the heat recovery system and are therefore not visible in your home. Don't have a heat recovery ventilation system? Then the HomEvap Standalone applies to you. This is easy to place in storage rooms, wardrobes, attics or basements.


Protects wood floors, precious art and musical instruments

In order to prevent the negative effects of expansion and contraction of the wooden parts, wooden products, such as the wooden floor, benefit from good humidity. HomEvap extends the life of the floors, protects precious art and musical instruments are less likely to go out of tune. Its indoor climate by keeping the humidity at the right level.