HomeEvap Cooler
adiabatic evaporative cooler

The most energy-efficient form of humidification and cooling, easy to maintain with low running costs.  

This method uses so-called “wet pads”, which are placed in the airflow, hereevaporation takes place and the air is cooled and humidified.  

If you want a cool home, you use adiabatic cooling. Our evaporative cooling keeps your home or office cool without using air conditioning. Every cooling you buy from HomEvap is sustainable, compact and energy efficient. With adiabatic cooling you can easily cool your home or business space adiabatic.

The effect you get with this adiabatic cooling in your home is like a thunderstorm after a stuffy, oppressive day. Your home is refreshed and cool. The HomEvap Cooler also prevents your home from heating up and makes nighttime cooling more effective. This is extremely useful for, for example, the baby's room. To make the indoor climate even more comfortable, you can choose to add the HomEvap Humidifier that humidifies the air drawn in. Because indirect evaporative cooling is a natural process, additional (adiabatic) cooling may be necessary for certain areas in your home. In addition, the HomEvap Humidifier is a winter solution for reducing allergy symptoms thanks to humidification of the air.

PLEASE NOTE the cooler is not air-conditioned. The efficiency is partly determined by the air volume!

No condensation

The HomEvap Cooler is limited by the duct sensor mounted after the Cooler in the duct. This measures the RH in the duct and will switch off the unit when the RH exceeds 85%. If the sensor fails, the unit will be switched off. This guarantees safe operation.


The Homevap Cooler is mounted on the air return duct of the HRV. The air is therefore used to operate the Cooler. There is no fan mounted on the Homevap Cooler that makes noise. In addition, excess water is drained and not recirculated. So there is no pump that can make noise.

No visible installation

The HomEvap Cooler is installed on the return air duct of the HRV. It uses the heat recovery air ducts to transport the cooled air. There is no outdoor unit or unsightly indoor unit. 


The HomEvap Cooler is protected by the duct sensor that is mounted after the Cooler in the duct. This protects against too much moisture in the duct with a risk of condensation.