For an optimal and healthy working climate, the use of air humidification is necessary. Offices are pre-eminently locations where bacteria and viruses have free rein when the humidity falls below 40%rV. This results in absenteeism and reduced productivity. To prevent this, a humidity of at least 40% is required. 

Less absenteeism

If the humidity is too low, moisture is not only extracted from the building, but also from the employees. This dries out the airways and causes a dry throat, sore eyes and faltering vocal cords. The bacteria and viruses can also float through the air for longer, which can cause employees to become infected and sick.

Higher comfort feeling

By using humidification equipment, the relative humidity is guaranteed between 40-60%. This is an important part of a pleasant and healthy working environment. Employees will feel more comfortable, they can work more concentrated, have no physical complaints and go to work with more pleasure.

Saves energy

Employees experience air with a good relative humidity as warmer and more comfortable, which means that the overall temperature in the office spaces can be lower. By turning back the heating, considerable energy is saved.