HomEvap All Season
adiabatic evaporative humidifier and cooler

The most energy-efficient form of humidification and cooling, easy to maintain with low running costs.  

This method uses so-called "wet pads", which are placed in the airflow, this causes evaporation to take place and the air is cooled and humidified.  

The humidifier is mounted on the air supply after the HRV. The cooler is mounted on the air return duct for the HRV. In this way, the heat exchanger of the HRV becomes a cold exchanger that cools the incoming air before it blows into the room.

The hygrostat measures the humidity and temperature in your room. If the measured value is lower than the desired value, the hygrostat switches the HomEvap on or off until the desired value is reached. This installation improves the air quality in any desired space.

Increases comfort indoor climate

Do you suffer from dry eyes, stinging nose, cold hands and creaky wooden floors in the winter? Then the air in the house is too dry. This does not feel comfortable and you are rather cold.
Relative humidity and temperature have a major influence on each other. The drier the air, the colder it can feel because the skin dries out. If the RH is at a pleasant level (40%-60%) it will feel more comfortable and the thermostat can also be slightly lower.

Is it too hot in summer? The indirect evaporative cooler postpones the moment of overheating! PLEASE NOTE there is no air conditioning! The ultimate efficiency is partly determined by the air volume!

Healthy indoor climate

When you decide to invest in a HomEvap humidifier, it is always a good choice. Dry air can cause headaches, dry itchy skin, a sore, dry throat and sore, tired eyes. In addition, the transmission of airborne viruses, such as flu, is higher in rooms where the air is dry (<40%RV). The installations improve the quality of the air we breathe and prevent colds and infections. If you invest in an adiabatic humidifier, you increase the air quality of your home, the performance of your employees or the learning performance of children in a daycare center.

Automatic operation

de HomEvap All Season (voormalige Combi Comfort) wordt standaard aangestuurd door een draadloos bedieningspaneel, maar kan bijvoorbeeld ook worden aangesloten op een domotica systeem of different. This ensures automatic operation of the system. You don't have to worry about it. The unit switches on and off according to the demand for moisture or cooling.  


No visible installation

De HomEvap Standalone (voormalige Direct) kan overal ingebouwd worden waar ruimte is; in een garderobe, berging, zolder enz. Belangrijk is dat de unit vrije aanzuig heeft en vrij kan weg blazen.

The unit consists of a humidifier or cooler and a fan box. that are linked together by a stitch or channel.

Advies: monteer akoestische slang na de unit om het geluid van de ventilator te dempen.

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